Zuko commission for a friend’s birthday :)
I miss these guys! Gosh avatar was such a great show…

Wheeeeeee! My first etsy commission!!! :D
A commission of a girl, her boyfriend, and ryu from street fighter. I had to work pretty fast on this one, I only had about 2 days to complete it because the client needed it by a certain day(sketched it tuesday, colored it wednesday), but that itself was a great experience! It reminded me to slow my life down and make time for my art, and it was quite relaxing to take a reading break and work on this :D The client was also really sweet, so she was a pleasure to work with!

Just got back from a wonderful ski trip in Colorado! It was so beautiful there, and I feel rejuvenated for sure :) Hopefully that feeling will last a while since classes start again after this weekend…

Actually finished this around New Years but decided to post it later.  I am currently away on a ski trip so I figured this was a good time to post some saved art haha! I’ll be posting pictures here once i’m back :)

San and Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke. It’s a really wonderful film, and this scene is so beautiful and uplifting. Hope you all like it!

Belated birthday sketch for one of the coolest dudes. Ever.
Hayao Miyazaki, you sir are amazing O.O

Etsy Store!

Hey everybody! Thanks for being so supportive as I am so new to all this tumblr business, im so glad my art is being so well received here :D You guys are all too nice!!!!

Just wanted to let you all know that I just opened a store on etsy! Please check it out if you’re interested!



Kristoff and Anna

Spoiler alert… kinda!

I cant stop arting frozen !! :D Here are also some progress shots
I really loved kristoff’s character design, both were adorable. Really loved their interaction :3
See my recent drawing of elsa :)- http://rue789.tumblr.com/post/71553734678/absolutely-loved-this-movie-it-was-as-if-they

Sketches from January 1st and 2nd. The coloring was from today. Just some daily sketching stuff. One is of a friend from school and the others are just me playing around with and practicing expressions for chibis, i’m working on more

A little late for christmas gift post but I was away on vacation with some cousins and had to wait till i got back to post since i forgot to take photos :B

So for christmas this year I made everyone in my family gifts. I was fairly tired from finals and then spent the first week home rushing to finish all the presents, but Im really happy with how they all came out!

For my dad I made an acrylic painting of a photo from our family ski trip last year. I crocheted mama and baby nut brown bunnies for my mom, they are from our favorite children’s book from when I was little :)  For my one sister I made a clay pen of Buddy the Elf- best movie, for the other a poster of her original characters from her story, and for my other OTHER sister I crocheted a Gir plushie from invader Zim. For my three grandparents I painted mini icons of their protector saints in the traditional Greek style. Also did a drawing of me and my best friend Lena from our summer hiking trip, and another of my two swing dance friends. 

Being santa for a week, im excited to just kick back and relax for a bit!

Happy New Year everybody! :) Here’s to a healthy and wonderful one

My new years resolution is to be happier, more filled with light, which explains the picture