Some motivation for y’all. I don’t know about you, but I get really pumped by inspirational quotes! I didn’t come up with the quote FYI, just found it on the Internet with no credit, so if anyone knows who said it lemme know so I can credit them!
Also playing around with some lettering art and stuffs too :3

Late post, but did this for my dad :3

Merh this took forever and I really dont like it :( But its ok, even bad experiences are learning experiences. I need to work on some things, like clothing and dramatic shadows, so at least I got started here. Its all a matter of progress
So anywho, I always loved Gina’s Garden in Porco Rosso, and I always loved the look of this scene, so summery and purty :D

I have some work in progress shots also underneath :3

This took quite a while, but what a fun project!! Many of my arts-for-the-day have been invested in this piece, which is why i didnt upload everyday this week. Really practicing color picking and working in a more painterly fashion. Gaaaah so excited to go to Paris this summer
… smile!

I have a new chibi digital painting in the works (that was my art for yesterday but I didn’t post bc I didn’t want to spoil the surpriiiise) and it should be up by the end of the weekend. In the meantime, here is a 20 min doodle from memory of some person I saw on the subway

Today’s thumbnail sketch from a photo by the amazing photographer on deviantart-

Just 1hr color practice, please ignore the awful painting job

Thumbnail painting sketch of a really beautiful photo I found on deviantart but cant seem to locate its artist or site to credit it D: If you know anything, please let me know so I can credit the photographer
Anywho, I loved the summery feel of the photo, so working with warm colors. It kinda came out bad though, but practicing!

Watercolor and colored pencils. Felt like coloring this older sketch because its such a lovely day out. Off to go for a walk! Rapunzel is so fun to color haha!

Im taking a self-taught online art class this summer and our first assignment was to make little thumbnail color studies, without the eye-dropper tool, of reference photos that you love, so i’ll be posting a bunch of those throughout the following week. The original photo I studied was a background from Princess Mononoke.

JPEG and PNG forms

Today’s art, for all dancers out there. Just came back from a really great class, so I felt like doodling dance stuff. Just a simple hour long thing, playing with shading and brushes.